Sollus: The Dark Age

Gangsters & Ghouls

The party meets a volatile underground crime lord, and travels to a haunted ranch.

S1 – Ep3

2nd day of Crimsoning, 141 SA

Upon their arrival to Eastenlave Hawke and Devonna made their way through the town to visit The Needle Knave tavern to meet Devonna’s employer, a halfling by the name of Belfyre. Once there the two spend some time drinking. Before the meeting, Devonna urged Hawke to grab Kull and Sebrath to as well as a desire to keep their relationship at Three Stars a secret while in Eastenlave. Hawke nonchalantly agreed and left to find the party which he quickly does after recognizing Kull standing in front of Waits’ shop. The party returned to The Needle Knave and descended into the buildings basement to meet With Belfyre.

As the meeting began with the halfling and his four armed half-orc guards the group was beckoned to join Belfyre who was the target of a very affectionate Devonna around a card table as he told the party of of the unnamed group he was in charge of, and that working for him the party could become quite wealthy. Hawke led the negotiation as the topic quickly shifted into a possible job for the group as a start of their career under Belfyre. The job offer consisted of heading to a camp a short ride away from the town and “checking up” on a shipment Doomwatch were in charge of delivering to Belfyre that never arrived. Belfyre told the party that they could “rough them up” if necessary, as long as the payload got to Eastenlave untouched. Hawke agreed to the job despite Kull’s disapproval with a payment of 50gp to be paid upfront before they left town the next day. The meeting concluded.

On the way to return to Waits’ shop to rest for the night Kull caught glimpse of a piece of paper blowing in the wind and picked it up unaware of a youth trying to swiftly run and snatch it. After failing the boy quickly tried to scurry off but Kull caught him and pinned him to the ground as Hawken questioned him on what the paper that turned out to be a wanted poster for “The Burned Man”. The boy stated he wanted to collect the bounty and Hawke offered the boy 50gp to forgot the paper which the boy quickly took.

3rd day of Crimsoning, 141 SA

The next day the party set out for the Shrine of Kimythe to meet the druids about investigating the ranch south of Eastenlave, and once again met with Caiphyra who shared limited information on the Scurlock family and the Tooth Acres Ranch and offered some potions to aid in the trip, one of darkvision and one of healing, as well as a treat which only Hawke ate and quickly regretted as the elven treat quickly augmented his mind. The group received their upfront payment and quickly left towards the stables to make an early departure of the town. However, upon arrival at the stables three Doomwatch stood guard in front of Kull’s horse claiming Vicus commanded the detainment of the horse and offered a substitute in return. Kull’s was angered by this and took his horse anyway despite the guards verbal resistance as Hawke saddled up the horse that was offered as substitute, and quickly the group left through the main gates of the town.

In two hours the group had reached their destination of Tooth Acres Ranch and discovered the place to be suffering a heavy rainstorm that engulfed the ranch in perpetual night. Despite the gloom of the scene and Hawke’s incoherent warnings Kull pressed forward toward a large barn barn near an equally large farm house. The two looming doors of the barn were chained shut, and as the party tried to undo the chains in search of any information that justified returning to the druids to collect payment they heard the sounds of crying from inside and a loud banging from the farm house.

The group continued opening the barn and Hawke and Kull cautiously made their way inside as Sebrath stood guard. the flooded barn appeared to be abandoned until an apparition of a child appeared before Kull and the doors slammed shut. Hawke and Kull became overwhelmed by a sense of dread as the barn was plunged into darkness.

Hawke panicked and lit a bale of hay near the wall of the barn. With light from the growing fire Hawke found area dug out that he could use to escape. However, Kull was transfixed on a candle in a stall where the apparition asked Kull to “_Find Ippalo_” and disappeared which caused Kull to snap out of the trance. Kull realized the barn was burning down so he climbed to the top, grabbed the corpse of a child he found and escaped through the roof.

The party then moved toward the horse where they encountered two ghouls that were pursuing them as they entered. Hawke quickly shot the ghoul with a spell round out of his caster gun while Kull and Sebrath attacked pummeled the ghoul. The ghoul fled after the spell lingered and the group moved into a room in the house that held a makeshift altar with three skulls and a sheet with a crudely drawn rune upon it. Kull took the skulls and sheet as well as a large painting found in the room.


Milestones this Episode

  • Kull fell off of a terrified electric horse



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