Sollus: The Dark Age


The party finds Eastenlave and delivers the Raven. Sebrath reunites with an old friend.

S1 – Ep2

2nd day of Crimsoning, 141 SA

After concluding talks with Ulver, Kull and Sebrath Lokumn headed to the stables as Hawke returned to Devonna’s room to gather his things and take a bath. At the stables Sebrath negotiated a cheaper rate for the horses the party needed with the Stablemaster Daxton in exchange for fixing mechanical stable doors that needed repair. Kull and Sebrath make a good impression on Daxton leading him to let Kull and Sebrath use two of his nicest horses with option to purchase them for 50gp upon arrival to the stables at Eastenlave. The horses given to the group were a large dark red horse for Kull and an athletic blue hued horse with orange eyes for Sebrath and two small brown mares for Hawke and Devonna. With transportation sorted the party, including Devonna, departed Three Star and made way to Eastenlave

A few hours into their journey the party finds themselves surrounded by aether wolf. The group decided to outrun the wolves on horseback, except Devonna lacked the skill to handle the horse under stress. Kull attempted to control Devonna’s horse calming it until Devonna spurred the horse forward stranding Kull with the wolves. Being behind the group Kull decided to press his horse to trample the group, however the wolves stopped him from doing so. The wolves crowded the horse and began attacking until one tried using an Aether ability and exploded in the attempt covering the group in wild Aether. the Aether seeped into the wounds of Kull’s Horse mutating it with electric Aether causing to to appear as lightning. This scares off the rest of the wolves and Kull rides ahead to rejoin the group. The group makes it near Eastenlave before encountering wolves again, but the group quickly rides past them.

Upon arrival to Eastenlave to party discovers a city in ruins surrounded by dozens of crude scarecrows, but upon arriving at the guard station the life of the city came into view as the citizens made their way through shoddily built hutches that filled the areas inside the ruins. The Doomwatch hassled Kull before entry (racists) but eventually took the groups horses and gave directions to the city and instructions to speak to Vicus II at the Doomwatch Tower if we were looking for work. Kull and Sebrath gather themselves after the lengthy harassment to find Hawke and Devonna were long lost in the city ahead of them. Kull decides since they agree to gather in the morning Sebrath and him would go ahead and finish the job to meet deliver the bird to the druids. The two make their way to the collection of tents that made up the Shrine of Kimythe where they met with Caiphyra, the head druid at the shrine. Upon delivering the package to the druid the group learns that the dead bird is the druids fetish which she uses to incant a spell before Sebrath and Kull but neither understood what the spell did. Caiphyra offered the group more work to investigate a dairy farm that had been destroyed to the south for 100gp a head and to meet at the shrine in the morning if interested. Kull agrees and the two leave to head to Waits’ Emporium of Exotic Goods they passed on the way to the Shrine as Waits was the tinkerer Sebrath worked for in his youth in First Drink.

Upon meeting Waits, he displayed no memory of Sebrath but shared the unfortunate history of First Drink after Sebrath left for the Krebenstien School. However, as he told the story of the town’s destruction his memory of Sebrath came back and sorrowfully explained how fate appeared grim for Sebrath’s parents and the rest of the town despite being deserted since its destruction. Waits offers Sebrath and Kull a place to stay in his shop while they were in Eastenlave, and the two take him up on the offer and stay.

this log was written by Aaron (Kull)

Episode 2 Milestones

  • Kull and Sebrath gained a level (lvl 2)
  • The raven was brought to the druids at the Shrine of Kimythe
  • Sebrath found his old employer Waits and discovered what happened to his family in First Drink



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