The ancestors were thrown into a literal dark age —a sudden cosmic cataclysm shattered the world, killing many in its wake. Many more perished as the sun became obscured in a thick atmosphere of ash, and cold swept through the land. Strange monsters crawled from the ataxia to reign, irradiated by material from the heavens. The inheritors of the new age seemed to have reverted to living rather primitively as nomads with amnesia, living on what’s left of the land, and salvaging or pillaging ruins for whatever remains of the lost age. After what seems to have been a millennium, the remnants of the past are like moldered headstones, eroded by elements and time, and barely understood in the bigger picture. The Dark Age is all most people know, and surviving in the scarcity of resources is most pertinent.

Welcome to Sollus: The Dark Age

Sollus is the revised reiteration of Saulus, getting back to its roots in truer post-apocalyptic slipstream fantasy. Revisions have been made to the setting, and details will be explained later. Ignore the information on the wiki as it is now outdated and much of it is no longer relevant.

Nomads of the Dark Age Campaign

I’m going to pitch a new campaign for the reiteration of Sollus soon, slated to run over late summer into autumn 2016.

The Broken World of Sollus

Sollus is post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery with a dash of science fantasy. The word “Sollus” comes from the latin words “Sol” (Sun) and Nullus (none).

  1. It is the epoch of a literal dark age. The sun withered behind permanent clouds of soot and ash, and with it, much of the knowledge of the world before. Occasionally light peers through the ash, giving small growth to crops and hope to those below, but rarely does the light last.
  2. A world of cold and predation. Due to the global cooling effect of permanent dimness and darkness, survivors must turn to hunting to sustain themselves. Many people are malnourished, and plague is common. Winters are hard, and much of the planet is encased in a permanent frost
  3. A place shy of conventional resources. Not unlike Dark Sun, Sollus lacks the prevalence of metals. This is mainly due to the fact that dense glacial sheets cover many mountain ranges where ore deposits are located. Sollus is also a world where barbarism rules over civilization, as such refined skills and materials are hard to come by.
  4. A land rich in buried artefacts. While a glance at Sollus suggests it is mostly barren wasteland of diminishing flora and fauna, closer exploration reveals the earth conceals treasures of lost civilizations. The most important of which are manufactured items that have stood the test of time —steel weapons that can be used to hunt, and armor that will protect against being hunted. Other treasures are salvaged and sold, rarely being investigated beyond appraising how much it might be worth in the markets.
  5. Wastelands of irradiated monsters and amoral nomads. The areas outside of the hollowed points of rudimentary civilization make for a hard life. Radiation from æther is common, as are predacious, mutated megafauna. People who live in the outskirts and wastes often live by the rule of survival-of-the-fittest.
  6. Desperate Magics. Magic is mysterious and nefarious. Sorcery is an untrustworthy force often used by wily, power hungry individuals with morbid curiosities. Priests organize temples beneath bloodthirsty, jealous gods, their followers clinging to their faith as a sailor lost at sea would cling to a piece of driftwood. Animists speak to unearthly forces of dimensions unheard of, and are the gatekeepers of spirits that could do the world great harm. Artificers are the experimental archaeologists, perhaps the only people looking to preserve the artefacts of old which suggest a lost science where technology and magic coalesce.

Sollus uses HackQuest
HackQuest is my house ruled version of RuneQuest 6e.. You will need it along with this guide to create a character. You’ll need:

Sollus: The Dark Age

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