The Thundercrawlers are a young crime syndicate that has origins in the Heartstead. They are led by Belfyre, a manic halfling. Most of the Thundercrawlers are human, although half-orc members aren’t rare.

The name ‘Thundercrawler’ is actually a human colloquialism for someone who braves lengthy travel during wicked storms.


The Thundercrawlers have their origins tied to Eastenlave, after the earthquake in 137 SA left the town in rubble. Many left Eastenlave after much time had passed and little had been rebuilt. Some of these refugees banded together outside of Eastenlave, creating loose groups of brigands. By 141 SA (current year of Season 1), the bands had been united by Belfyre, and the group became known as the Thundercrawlers.

Efforts to stop the group have been lackluster. The Doomwatch has made no attempts at bringing Belfyre to justice. Most of the Thundercrawlers criminal interests have been relatively non-violent until just recently, when highwaymen associated with the syndicate began attacking trade routes.

Criminal Activity

Drug and weapons trafficking, extortion, hijacking, corruption, possibly more.

Cleansing Ritual

A ritual is required to join the Thundercrawlers. The Doomwatch has said that the ritual involves unspeakable magic and a lifelong commitment to the organization.


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