Three Stars

Three Stars is a fortified roadside waystation, known for its inn of the same name.

Population 400
Government Martial Law
Ruler Pierce, Lord of the Doomwatch
Defense Doomwatch reserve, the Vagueland Wardens
Organizations Doomwatch, Thundercrawlers, Druids of the Old Faith
Traits Inn
Known for its… Integrated travelers, variety of drink


Standing upon a mound and surrounded by good masonry, Three Stars is a rather defensible waystation. The gate is located on the NW portion of the wall, which remains closed and guarded by trained soldiers. The interior of Three Stars is a bit larger than it leads on, featuring a keep, an armory, and of course a large wayside inn in the center. Beautiful ultraviolet signs mark public facilities, and the paved junctions are lit by lightning lamps at night.


Lord Pierce manages the town’s everyday activity, but Three Stars is indirectly controlled by Chief Warlord Kaul Whitestrand.

Important Locations in Three Stars

Three Stars Inn A popular tavern and roadside inn. A rather accepting place in spite of the stagnating cultural scare of non-human races. Travelers are more often various shades of foreign though, so locals may avoid staying here long.
Lord Pierce’s Manor Actually an ambassador facility that is used to host council for important figures of the region. Always well watched over.
Precinct Nova A small precinct of the Doomwatch. Conscripts train here for relatively low cost.
Keep A jailhouse and stowhouse for supply unfit or unsafe for the warehouse.
Stables Beast stables (mainly equine) operated by old coots with new technology.
Trading Post General market. Often, travelers can find odd exotic items here more often than not.
Warehouse A place to store things.

Three Stars

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