Season 2

  • The Deepwood – The deeper interior of the forest. The trees are so tall and broad that very little moonlight gets in.
  • High Court – A place for elven highborn. Their building stones are said to look like Bismuth.
  • Leabarothe – Elven village a couple days south of High Court.
  • Ranger’s Heap – Ancient castle hidden inside a labyrinth. The Vagueland Wardens use the castle as a base of operations.
  • The Silent Domain – A large, fogged lake found in the Deepwood. No sound can be heard in the fogs, which drift into the forest.

Heartstead (Mere of the Lacedon in Season 2)

Season 1

  • Blood Canyon – The stone here oozes with sanguine fluid. The Temple of Kyægis is located near the center.
  • Eastenlave – A ruined town of peasants and drifters, broken by an earthquake.
  • Kymith’s Tomb – High Druid’s resting place beneath a great white tree atop a mesa near Stone Fingered Barrens.
  • Murag – A lone orc village days south of Eastenlave. The Doomwatch strongarmed them to keep peace.
  • Scurlock Ranch – Abandoned, haunted farmstead a few hours south of Eastenlave.
  • Temple of Kyægis – Standing on the face of a wall in Blood Canyon. Kyægis was called here.
  • Stone Fingered Barrens – Flat desert with narrow, tall mesas. Some human barbarian tribes roam the region.
  • Three Stars – A waystation inn protected by the Doomwatch.

Season 2



Sea of Ciphers


  • Kratervale – Narrow gorges and cliffs scant of animal and plant life. Krebenstein uses the narrows as testing zones for ruthless machines driven by æthermancy.
  • Krebenhaltîn – A cold metropolis in a vale of steep cliffs. Krebenstein imposes a harsh, ambitious regime over his people.


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