Formerly a booming town of the Heartstead, Eastenlave lay in ruin after an earthquake in 137 SA.

In 141 SA, a great flood drowned the Heartstead. The status of Eastenlave is currently unknown.

Population 2,500 (5,000 in 137 SA)
Government Martial Law
Ruler Ulver the Usurper
Defense Ulver’s Vagueland Wardens
Organizations Doomwatch, Thundercrawlers, Druids of the Old Faith
Traits River town, trade town, flooded
Known for its… Intrigue, underground, gambling, cult activity


Most of Eastenlave’s structures have been left to crumble for over four years. Still, about half of its citizens remained, most living in cheap housing where structural collapse isn’t uncommon. From the outskirts, the town would look mostly deserted were it not for Doomwatch patrols and the dozens of scarecrows that seem to peer out into the desert.


Warlord Vicus II watched over the town from his shanty stone keep. Most of the citizens are eager to rebuild, especially those with commercial interests. However, Vicus has not given command to do so. Lumber and stone have been hard to come by, so the people who can rebuild often do so with leftover debris.

Fleetway Robberies and the Decay of Eastenlave

The Fleetway has always been plagued by those who would harm merchants and travelers. But in the late 130s, highwaymen organized and grew in numbers and merchants began to avoid traveling southeast as rumors spread that the road to Eastenlave had become too risky. The bandits called themselves “Thundercrawlers”, a Dark Age term for nomads who wandered the dark and stormy Vaguelands.

A few adventurers arrived in Eastenlave in its time of need, and unraveled the cult association behind the highwaymen. A halfling cult figure named Belfyre had created a pact with Kyægis, using the Thundercrawlers to bolster a faith and following for the forgotten god in exchange for sorcerous powers.

The highwaymen eventually stopped thieving when no merchants remained. Belfyre managed to turn them completely over to his cult, employing them with halfling coin. The cult gathered en masse in Blood Canyon to perform a great summoning ritual.

The Great Flood of 141 SA

When the demon god Kyægis was summoned at Blood Canyon, a widespread unholy diluge washed over the Heartstead, drowning its people. Lacedon (waterborne ghouls) now occupy the Mere created by the Flood. Eastenlave’s current status isn’t known, but the town’s surrounding lands were hills so it is possible that Eastenlave still stands. Ulver and his men would be stranded if so, since the town had no lumber to build ships with.

It isn’t known what happened to the Thundercrawlers. Perhaps they were sacrificed to Kyægis in the flood.

Important Locations in Eastenlave


Doomwatch Tower A shanty spiral keep pocked with murderholes. Vicus lived and ruled from here.
Migdalia’s Smithy A blacksmith named Migdalia worked here, but the building was destroyed by Sebrath and a Hell Hound.
The Needle Knave An inn with a seedy tavern. The dens below the tavern are notorious for private gambling parties.
Shrine of Kimythe A marionette tent erected by druidic elves of the Cairnwood.
Waits’ Emporium of Exotic Goods A shop of many strange trinkets. Waits’ shop also serves as a general store, but its most noteworthy products are its (often unreliable) aether devices.


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