The Doomwatch is a militant group of humans who claimed control of The Free Realms after warring with the orcs of the region. For many centuries in the Dark Age, semi-nomadic orcs dominated the lands from the Northernmost moorlands all the way south to the jungles of Khulatra. At the dawn of the Age of Saulus, humans were able to form small societies from isolated uprisings. These groups would form into war parties which eventually carried on as the Doomwatch after the humans had driven out most of the desert orcs and settled. These war parties interacted with reclusive afidei who taught them ancient martial skills known only by those who fell from the moon. The humans were numerous, and became an effective fighting force, one that eventually killed the reign of the violent orcs.

Members of the Doomwatch vary wildly, but most members are humans. The Doomwatch is hardly tolerant of orcs, gnolls, and giants, and will often respond to these races with hostility. The only notable exception are the orcs of Murag, who were appeased for their role in keeping evil spirits of the White Wastes quelled. The Doomwatch protects all of the sworn human settlements of the Free Realms, and will occasionally ally with the remaining barbarians to combat common enemies.

The Doomwatch also serves as general assistance for the six territories, hunting dangerous monsters, moving important resources, providing aid in times of disaster, and so on.

Doomwatch Ranks

Renown Rank
1 Watcher
3 Sentinel
10 Eye
25 Liege Lord
50 Warlord

Beliefs. The Doomwatch believes in merit, and awards those who deserve it. Earning renown in the Doomwatch earns more perks, and upward mobility is always presented to loyal members. The Doomwatch believes they have earned the land of the six territories and has high stakes on keeping it. With Kaul Whitestrand as the current warlord, paranoia regarding orcs of the region has been on the rise.
Goals. Keeping the Free Realms free of oppression and oppressors. Help the needy, then give them training and allegiance. Rebuild human culture.
Typical Quests. Anything involving defense, protection, resource management, exploration, foreign relations, and more.
Allies. The High Druid, Preceptor Xuunthar,The Vagueland Wardens, various human tribes in the territories.
Enemies. hostile orc tribes, gnolls, giants


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