Here’s all you’ll ever need to know about the monsters of Saulus.


Carnther. A six-legged big cat, with formidable claws. They hunt with cold intelligence and often use traps and ambush to capture prey. A full-grown carnther can jump 10 meters from standstill.
Witch Snake. Witch snakes are large magical serpents. Legends hold they are the product of a wicked druid from Khulatra, who bred a temple’s worth of giant snakes and corrupted them with black magic. A typical witch snake is about 20 feet long and can swallow a man whole. They charm and confuse victims with ancient witch magic before devouring them slowly. While their victims are digested alive, their mind is assaulted with terrifying hallucinations.
Wolf, æther. Wolves that are exposed to lunar radiation via exposed moonveins and such can become mutated. Aether wolves are usually identical to their natural counterparts, but they grow strange fur and become perverted by random bouts of wild magic. In the Heartstead, wolves exposed to lunar radiation were able to control electricity and conceal themselves through illusory spells.


Erinyes (Furies). Erinyes (Ir’rin-eh-ees) are devils who cruelly enforce oaths and seek to punish those who swore false oaths. All Erinyes resemble human women, sometimes with tails, scales, wings, or other fiendish features. They usually work for more powerful devils. Luella is an Erinyes.
Hell Hound. Infernal dogs from Hell. They are semi-intelligent and have more strength than the average man. A fiendish coal burns brightly within their gullets, and they are able to exhale this hellfire in swirling jets.
Osyluth. Also known as bone devils. These fiends are interrogators, first and foremost. They move in unsettling lurches and can become invisible at will, making them excellent stalkers.


Ogre. Large, stupid primitives that live in small bands. They’re known to be very simple-minded and possessive. Most carry bags of the miscellaneous junk they find. Occasionally, ogres will feel called to dungeons and mazes, taking up home in these places and patrolling them as guardians. They have amazing recall of direction.


Underbiter. Small, carnivorous plants found in the Cairnwood. They attack animals that enter their brush, even biting large creatures. Underbiters carry a range of poisons to incapacitate their prey.


Ghoul. Ravenous undead who haunt places of the recently dead. They use barbed tongues to flay tough skin and dig out bone marrow. They are about as intelligent as men. Ghouls are associated with the demon god Kyægis. It is said that Kyægis gives them the hunger to kill the living and feast upon them.


Daggerachna. Monstrous spiders with bulbous bodies and uneven eyes. Their stubby heads have daggers for fangs, which they scavenge for to mature into adults. The older daggerachnas can have larger blades for fangs. These creatures have precise control over these weapons.


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