Tag: Doomwatch


  • Vicus II

    Warlord Vicus II is the ruling successor of his father Vicus. Vicus II governs [[Eastenlave]] with a loosening grip. His daughter's suicide left him impotent and inconsistent as ruler. Much of the town's affairs are left in the hands of Vicus' captains.

  • Donte

    Donte is a human who fought in the last war against the orc warbands. He is a captain of the [[Doomwatch]], stationed in [[Eastenlave]] alongside [[:nathen | Captain Nathen]]. Donte appears to be in his early 50's, old enough to be somewhat past his …

  • Nathen

    Nathen is captain of the [[Doomwatch]] in Eastenlave. He was once a highwayman before joining the watch. His experience with and knowledge of the bandit operations in the region has been of little use due to [[:vicus-ii-1 | Vicus']] lack of initiative in …