Manic halfling guildmaster of the Thundercrawlers


A halfling guildmaster with hints of having wide influence, Belfyre has been a key figure of Eastenlave. He leads the Thundercrawlers, a loose faction comprised of brigands, thugs, and rogue watchmen. It’s apparent that Belfyre has orchestrated a drug ring in Eastenlave, but the extent of the trade’s influence is unknown.


Belfyre has displayed bold and erratic behavior, often dealing with those in any way he thinks he can get away with. Rarely has he shown himself to take others he considers beneath him very seriously. His entourage of thugs are well-equipped and seem to follow his orders strictly.

Relationship with Devonna

Devonna has said that Belfyre “helped” her out when she was in the gutter, taking her off the streets of Lapryt and setting her up with money. Belfyre has shown a possessive yet contradicting grip over Devonna, treating her as he sees at his own whims and crude objectification.


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