An erinyes from Hell sent to collect Kaul Whitestrand's Blood Debt


Luella is an erinyes sent from Hell to collect Kaul Whitestrand’s soul in order to complete a “Blood Debt”. Luella claims that Kaul Whitestrand made an infernal pact with powerful devils to take hold of the Free Realms. The pact allowed Kaul to overthrow the last orc chief, Gutbog One-eye. Luella told Hawke that Kaul was to become a devil when he died, but he thwarted the Blood Debt by aligning with another supernatural force, extending his life and further shielding him from fiends of Hell.

Luella has appeared in Hawke’s dreams several times, with each dream becoming more and more direct in revealing the cursed intrigue behind Hawke’s strange bolter. She has revealed little about herself, except for her inclination to manifest in dreams and her sharp ability with a neon-bright whip.

The casterbolter and the Blood Debt

Luella mentioned that Kaul could not be directly harmed by any devil. As such, the “casterbolter” was created. The casterbolter attunes itself to whoever living mortal who holds it. The history of the weapon was not revealed by Luella, but Hawke knows it was held by a dwarf before that dwarf was slain.

Hawke now possesses the casterbolter, which grants him fiendish powers. Luella has cast a major drawback to owning the weapon however— the piece is cursed and Hawke has been drawn to carry out its murderous purpose.


Showing little regard for Hawke’s independence, Luella is a demanding fiend. Her dealing with Hawke to get him to slay Kaul and collect the Blood Debt appears to be extortion, threatening the lives of many if Hawke doesn’t carry out her wishes.


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