Sollus: The Dark Age

Three Stars and a Raven

We begin our story with the party looking for work in a crime-infested land.

S1 – Ep1

1st day of Crimsoning, 141 SA

The party approaches the fortified wayside inn Three Stars to meet with the Vagueland Warden Ulver for a special job opportunity regarding the influx of banditry in the Heartstead territory. After dusk, Ulver arrived and held council with the party. He offered them a strange job; taking a dead raven across dangerous trails to the druids in Eastenlave, a town leveled by an earthquake a year or so prior. The party was also asked to help locate a missing circus en route to Eastenlave from the city of Lapryt. When the meeting was finished, the party accepted Ulver’s agreement of doing the job for 75 gp upon leaving for Eastenlave, and another 75 gp once they took the raven to the Shrine of Kimythe there.

Afterward, Hawke took interest in a young woman who caught eyes with him at the bar. A drunken, haggard-looking man was stressing the woman. Hawke approached them and diffused the situation — he had given coin to the man earlier, who was standing outside of the front door asking for money. Hawke lied and told the man he was the woman’s suitor, and the man backed off. Hawke learned the woman’s name, Devonna, and saw her interest to speak with him in private. The two shared her room together for the night, a room that appeared to be one of the best rooms in house.

Kull and Sebrath Lokumn inquired about any various jobs that could be taken up with the innkeeper. A woman behind the bar counter at Three Stars told Kull there had been aether wolf sightings outside of the gates recently, but a brief episode of drunken exploring outside the waystation’s walls saw no beasts to speak of. Sebrath payed the tab that both Hawke and Kull left, earning verbal thanks from their kind waitress.

The party spent the night in three different rooms. Sebrath paid for two, a shanty room near the tavern toilets for Kull, and a modest room for himself. Hawke slept next to Devonna on the third floor in her comfortable suite, experiencing strange fiendish nightmares. When Hawke awoke in the middle of the night, three more bolts appeared next to his cursed revolter, glowing ominously.

2nd day of Crimsoning, 141 SA

Kull awoke early upon his shanty room’s floor and stepped outside into the tavern hall, where he was met with a growling gnoll. The two stood transfixed in front of one another until a bookish-looking man came out of the door just behind the gnoll. The two left without any incident. Kull then met once again with Ulver to receive the raven and half of their job’s payment. Ulver reiterated the raven’s importance, and not to speak of it to anyone except the druids of the Old Faith in Eastenlave.

this log was written by Kyle (DM)



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